Our families move within Colorado during a pandemic

The Last 6 Months

February 3, 2021

It is a little bit hard for our family to believe that we moved from Fort Collins to the Castle Rock area only 6 months ago. It was such a smooth transition and we have absolutely no regrets moving. As we have explored in our time here we really love the Castle Rock area. We love the proximity to other areas like Highlands Ranch and Parker plus we are enjoying the more widespread options there are here.

2020 was a year of change for us. We had only just started homeschooling. My husband got an opportunity of a lifetime to work on a commercial space project. We moved during a pandemic. I decided to retire from portrait photography. Plus all the changes we have had to adapt to over the year. It’s been a whirlwind but for our family it has been good in many ways.

After getting our home all set up and everyone settled in it is now time for me to focus on what the new path is for my photography. I’m in the discovery stage which for me means a lot of dreaming, thinking, journaling, and letting those things unfold before me. But that my friends is a blog post for another time.

Thought today I would share some images of our move to the Castle Rock area. When we went house hunting back in June and walked into this house, we knew it was the one pretty much right away. It was like the 3rd house we looked at and we only looked for one day. It was fast! Everything about this house has been perfect.

Our move went fairly well with the help of a moving company that did pretty much everything for us. We cleared out the clutter and purged a lot prior but they packed everything up, loaded it all onto a semi trailer, stored it for a week and then unloaded everything for us. This was a huge benefit of my husband’s relocation package. We have always moved ourselves with a lot of help from family but this time we pretty much watched the movers do it all. Which was fun for my Mom, daughter, and I to watch!

Our families move within Colorado during a pandemic

We were surrounded by boxes for a little while but then we got to work making it our home. First up was our daughter’s room. She had been planning her room colors for awhile so she wanted to get to it right away and she wanted to paint all by herself. She did a fantastic job with her room, it is a fun space to be in.

Our families move within Colorado during a pandemic

I love decorating and this house has been so much fun planning each rooms function and decor. Some of the things I’ve done so far is opting to do a sitting room in what is a formal dinning room at the front of the house. We didn’t really need another table and chairs and I love having another area to sit. I went with the 4 chairs and round coffee table look and love it.

In our master bedroom we finally, after 22 years of marriage, purchased our first bed set. That by far was the most exciting thing for me! And that dark olive green painted wall … my fave.

Of course I had to do some decorating in my ‘studio’ room with storage and a wall collage but the funny thing is that my daughter and I just switched our rooms recently so we are changing things up.

Our families move within Colorado during a pandemic

Our first Christmas was a lot of fun to decorate for and we loved having my parents come and spend the holiday with us in our new home. Having your first Christmas in your new home really marks it as ours for me.

Our families move within Colorado during a pandemic
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I have shared a lot of the process of our move and the rooms I have worked on over on Instagram in the Highlights. I still have plenty I’m working on and I change things quite often so if you enjoy that come follow my profile!

Thanks for dropping by today! It has felt really amazing to start blogging again and I have so many ideas for posts to share. So please be sure to come by again as I share my work, journey, and life.



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