Teenager home art studio

Sweet Sixteen

March 3, 2021

Our baby girl is 16! Her birthday was yesterday and we had such a wonderful day just enjoying the day and doing things she wanted to do. There was no other agenda, not even school for the day. A perk of homeschooling that we love.

The first thing she wanted to do was go to Target and Hobby Lobby to do a little shopping. Then we picked up a take out order from Mr. Ramen in Parker. She loves ramen, udon, and sushi and would eat it every other day if she could! After a little family walk outside for some fresh air her and I built her birthday gift, a drawing table. She’s been eyeing these for awhile and ever since her and I switched our rooms (her homeschool room and my studio) she has been inspired to create her very own art studio area and this table was her dream.

Teenager home art studio

After we got it all put together and placed of course she started decorating her space and I then had to have some photos. I had already warned her that I wanted to do a portrait but I hadn’t really planned how I wanted to do it but when she was so thrilled with her new art table that was the perfect scene to make her 16 portrait. Love her so much!

Teenager home art studio

She has been drawing for many many years and has created her own style and characters. I love that she loves an art form and that she works at nurturing it all of the time. She talks to me about artist block and how she comes in and out of that. She has given her talent to help create a couple of logos with me and we are so proud of what those logos have become. She’s a bit protective of sharing her work because she’s a bit shy about it but today she agreed to share a drawing she did yesterday.

Teenager home art studio

I can’t think too much about how she is now 16 and we are racing toward the moment when she is ready to move out and on her own. I’m not ready for that moment and can’t think about it. I want to protect her under my roof for forever. What I can do is focus on cherishing these next few years. Preparing her, caring for her, and making these years special for all of us. ❤️



  1. Kristi Henkel says:

    Love the room!! The plants, lights, hopefully she will start putting her artwork on the walls!! So talented!!

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