Starting Fresh in 2021

January 27, 2021

It’s time to start fresh in 2021! There is a shift happening in my work and therefore it is time to leave my old website behind and start with a clean slate with where I am currently in my creative journey. 

After many years of doing portrait photography, 2020 brought on the decision to retire from portraits and start imagining what my fine art photography and graphic design could be together. Creating on new mediums with new purpose is what I am exploring.

The Print Shop will also be getting an update. I will continue to offer prints for home decor but I think I am going to narrow down my 300+ image gallery to a smaller collection of images for print. Making prints for people who then display them in their home is a passion and dream for me. This is the dream that started my journey into photography, admiring photographer’s like Ansel Adams and Anne Geddes. 

Sharing my journey has always been what I have done and what I plan to continue to do here. With a new website and blog, there is no comparing or looking back on what I was doing but instead focus on where I am right now and how I am moving forward. It actually feels incredibly refreshing and inspiring for me to start a new year with a new perspective and creative energy. 

I hope you will join me here to follow along, give me feedback, and support.



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