Spring Garden Still Life, Brenda Landrum of Castle Rock, Colorado

Spring Garden Potting Bench | Still Life Photography

April 15, 2023

Easter often feels like Spring has arrived. The sun is out, the temps are warmer, and there’s more green growth in the garden. There’s an excitement for what is to come … summer. Using those thoughts as inspiration plus wanting to do a darker moody still life, these images were created.

It’s good to remember to play, experiment, and explore. My motto for this year has been to act on inspiration. For me, this mainly means to make time to play. I can find all kinds of inspiration but to actually make time to act on it is a challenge. There seems to be so many other tasks, responsibilities and people to manage each day that before I know it the day is gone. The day I took these photos it was almost time for dinner, not a time for me to be playing, but I made time to let inspiration guide me and I was so glad I did.

The Canon EOS R settings are 1/100th sec, f.2.0, ISO 1250

Spring Garden Still Life, Brenda Landrum of Castle Rock, Colorado

The set up in the studio was on the opposite wall the sun was shining in so that it was on the darker side of the room. The window light is coming from font left and it’s sunset so softer lower light. Not wanting to bounce more light from the white wall a black background was used. To shape the light from the front left side of the image, cards were used to block the light and create shadows.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into how the images were created. Thanks for stopping by!!



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