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My 2023 Goal

January 31, 2023

I think digital artist’s long to create something tangible. Something they can hold in their hands and share with others to have a fuller experience of their art. I have seen several photographer’s voice that they want more for their images. That it is no longer satisfactory to see these creations on a phone or computer. Some know what is next and other’s are not sure yet but they are all longing for more.

2023 Artist Goal

I have been watching my daughter over the last couple of weeks start a project with her hands. She is mostly a digital artist where she draws animals with human characteristics on her iPad. Think of characters like on the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. She goes through seasons where she draws continuously on her iPad and her art never leaves that digital realm. But then she goes through moments where she must take this creativity and create something she can hold, mold, paint, explore, and just play. This latest project started as a small idea and has evolved into something that I am more and more in awe of. She made a tree that is so gorgeous and beautiful that every time I go to see how it’s changed I take more and more time looking at the detail she’s put into it. She is truly fulfilling the desire to take something she could do digitally but making it something to fully experience.

Nothing can replace experiencing an artist’s vision in real life.

2023 Artist Goal

I too long to take what I capture in my camera, transfer to my computer, and onto social media into something people can experience in real life. To hold, touch, move, smell. I have had ideas as to how my specific art would be best in a tangible form. The photo print is the obvious one but I think this is only desired by a very small group that wants to become a collector of art. When someone wants to decorate a room in their home I believe (and I’m one of them a lot) they first go to their big box stores to find something to put on their walls. It’s a completely different mindset of someone who wants to ‘collect’ art from an artist. It isn’t about decorating a room, it’s about feeling connected to the art and artist and finding a space in their home for it.

2023 Artist Goal

I have been brainstorming ideas of things where my art can be experienced but in a different way than an art print. Journals, cards, puzzles, art books, postage stamp (might be far fetched) and stickers. Something people can see the art in real life (even if not to its fullest potential like a print) and experience the product almost daily. Using the journal daily to process thoughts. Send a card to something they care about. Time with a loved one doing a puzzle together. Looking through an art book on the coffee table. Mailing that card with a postage stamp. Placing a fun sticker somewhere.

This is my goal for 2023. To stop building my own roadblocks because of fear, frustration, money, and doubt and to start exploring these ideas and give it a try. If they end up being something only I experience, then I can say I gave it go and I can enjoy using them.



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