Thoughts for March 2021 from Brenda Landrum

March Notes

March 5, 2021

We made it through January & February! I think those months are the hardest to get through. After all the holiday’s we enter a slow, cold, snowy, dreary period that is always such a struggle. I look forward to March with so much anticipation that I’m almost giddy on March 1st. I’m thinking about gardening and spring cleaning and this spring how I can sit out on our back deck. We haven’t had a deck for something like 8 years, we always wanted to install a deck on our previous home but life was so distracting that we just couldn’t make it happen. I hope the new owners build a beautiful deck.

March has many things to look forward to in my little world. March 2 was our daughter’s birthday which this year she is 16. Her dad and I can hardly believe it. We started celebrating with part of our family last weekend, our family had a wonderful day together on her birthday and we will continue to celebrate this weekend! Spring Break is also coming in March which is always a welcomed break from school work. March also brings a revival of joy in creating and I hope to take advantage of it as much as I can.

Nebraska Sunset using camera movement for an abstract photograph by Brenda Landrum

You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you.


Saw this quote this week and it really hit home. Why am I so tired some days? Well it’s not because I’m doing so much but because I’m not doing what sparks joy so I’m left feeling blah and tired. So it’s time to get back to what sparks a light!!

Which brings me to what I hope to do in March for my creative studio. The new shop kind of hit a brick wall in February so I hope to get back to getting that all set up and released soon. I have been curating images for greeting cards and making proofs to make sure they look right. I found a company that supplies really nice paper for cards, the images are printing beautifully and I love how the paper is matte but yet the image colors are spot on and do not have a faded look. I also love how nice the paper is to write on with either pen or pencil. There is nothing worse then paper that is hard to write on with too much texture or the ink bleeds so I’m really happy with the quality. And then of course nurturing creative energy. I was reminded how much joy and energy I feel when I’m being creative and I want to give that attention in March. I guess I’m not talking about general creativity because I do have that with many things I do but instead talking about the creativity that comes with photographing flowers specifically and also photographing landscapes/textures/details as I am exploring. Not much exploring has been happening over the last year but hoping that maybe we can start venturing back out there again. Just have to get over my own hangups with it.

Greeting Cards created by Brenda Landrum Creative Studio of Castle Pines, Colorado

So those are a few of my thoughts and goals as I head into a new month! Will be interesting to see how it all plays out when I get to April and look back at this entry. Maybe you can keep me accountable to my goals!




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