Summer garden bouquet with orange and purple photographed in studio with natural light by photographer Brenda Landrum

June Notes

June 9, 2021

My family has made it to the other side of the Covid virus! We were all really hoping to avoid getting it, we even made it through selling a house, house hunting, staying in hotels, movers packing everything, movers unloading into new house and all the people we had to encounter a year ago during our move without getting it. We are not even sure where it came from but I’m glad we are all feeling so much better and able to get back to life. The sickness wasn’t too bad but the fatigue and shortness of breath were the most frustrating. I complained a lot about it and even went to urgent care twice to make sure my lungs were ok but now I just hope my family has some really good antibodies!

That forced time of rest was good for me. It made me realize just how much I was working and how I needed to slow down. It gave me time to think about all the things that I do, all the hats that I wear. I wear too many sometimes and need to hang a few of them up. I also needed to realize that I need to let some of them go and allow others to step in and help. I’m usually the helper and I like helping but I can’t sustain that for too many things for too long. So it was nice to have that time to myself to rest and let go.

Most are done with the school year by now but my daughter and I are still ending our year. A perk of homeschooling is that we have an entire year to get things done so if we get sick for 2 weeks or want to take a Friday off here and there we can because we have time. We only have 3 of her classes to finish up and now that we are feeling better we are really kicking it into high gear because even though we have the time we don’t want to be doing school all summer.

Yesterday I finally hit publish on the new shop! I’m really excited to have a new space for the work that brings me so much joy and for it to be available to you to bring into your home. I have been working on narrowing down what images are available for open edition prints (will always be available) and want to start doing more limited editions that will either be available for a limited time or have limited prints made. The Shop is starting with the Legacy Collection. These images are some of my all time favorite images and I believe they represent the legacy I want to leave behind of my work. I would love for you to go check out the new shop if you haven’t already!

This month my goal is to be inspired and act on what is inspiring me. Gardening currently is a source of inspiration and I’m focused on finding plants with flowers so that I can find inspiration within my own backyard. Baptisia, roses, peonies, Russian sage, lavender, hydrangeas, zinnias, ect. I currently only have the baptisia plants from this list but I am actively working on this and sharing a lot of it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Come follow along!

Baptisia Bloom shot in studio with natural light by Floral Photographer Brenda Landrum of Castle Pines, Colorado



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