Gorilla Carts Garden Dump Cart Review

Friday Favorites: Garden Edition

June 18, 2021

We have been doing a lot of work in our backyard this Spring from pushing dirt around, weeding, lugging 10 tons of rock, more weeding, planting and mulching. We have been using tried and true things we have had for years along with finding some new items that we now never want to be without. So thought I might do a Garden Edition of Friday Faves!

Gorilla Carts Garden Dump Cart Review

I have to start with this Gorilla Cart! I am a big fan of Garden Answer on YouTube (anyone else?!) and have seen her use and review the Gorilla Carts. So when we were at Lowe’s for the millionth time we happen to stumble across the Gorilla Cart Yard Cart (wheelbarrow) and decided to get it. My husband then proceeded to do a little more research and discovered the dump cart which sounded really good as we were about to have 10 tons of rock delivered. That dump cart has been AMAZING!! We couldn’t fill the cart and get it to our top terrace because it was too heavy to get up that climb but we could fit 3 Lowe’s buckets in the cart, fill those, and wheel them to the backyard.

We have beaten our cart up and that thing continues to roll so easily even when filled with rock, bags of mulch and dirt, we rolled 12 – 5 ft tall Junipers to the backyard in it, plants from the trunk of the SUV, tools for whatever project we’re working on, and so on. Every time we use it we can’t help but state again how much we love that cart. I HIGHLY suggest looking into this cart, we think it’s far superior to a wheelbarrow.

Power Planter! Yes, I watch a lot of Garden Answer and she most definitely influences me. I convinced my husband to give this a try and guess what … he loves it! He has purchased 2 of them now and they have made really tough work a bit more easier. He has used these to make a trench for the irrigation he put in for the backyard, trenches for water drainage management, and dug holes for planting those 5 ft. Junipers. We have terrible rocky clay soil and these have done awesome.

I think these are the best garden gloves. I have been using them for a few years now and I love how they fit nice and snug but don’t completely suffocate my hands. I hate a big sloppy garden glove and with these you can choose the right size to fit your hands. I’m a size Medium. At only about $6 a pair, I don’t feel bad when they get torn up by moving rock and I need to get another pair. Usually I can use one pair for an entire summer planting season. I find them at most garden centers I have been to.

That’s it! Hope you find something here that will make your gardening a bit easier and better, I know that they have for us. I’m not a pro at gardening and this is typically a photography blog but when I find items that are amazing I just have to share.

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