Creating Creativity

January 7, 2023

I have become really lazy. The iPhone is so easy to grab and take quick snapshots of things because it’s basically with me 24/7. Even though I’ve seen some really beautiful images come from an iPhone, it will never compare to what a true DSLR camera with a lens that has beautiful optics inside can capture. I’ve tried. The tiny little phone camera just can not do it. No matter how much intelligence they create with software to make a crappy lens look good, it’s doesn’t.

This year one of my goals is to grab my big camera when inspiration hits. I have been putting my Canon EOS R right on the kitchen island so that it’s in sight and quick to grab. Then when I have an idea or see something I can grab it instead of my phone.

An artist that regularly practices their craft will always get better. I think for photographer’s it’s the practice of seeing. Photography is light. Seeing good light makes great images. Subject and composition are also important. I have to keep my photography muscle strong and by doing that I can see more possibilities around me. The way the light is coming through the window that then sparks an idea for a scene. Another goal is to act on this inspiration.

Create the scene. Chase the light. Explore ideas. Grab the big camera.

The act of doing and practicing creates more creativity. That’s what I’m after. My day filled with creativity. Letting more of my surroundings inspire me to act. If I’m inspired by my home, shoot it. If I’m inspired by a place I’m at, shoot it. If I have an idea for an image, shoot it. So far in the first week of January 2023, I have been trying to do just that.

Create creativity friends!!

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