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Casual Friday Vol. 2

March 19, 2021

Welcome to the randomness that is Casual Friday! Behind the scenes photos, thoughts and links.

March 2021 Colorado Snow Storm, Castle Rock

Our massive 18” snowmageddon that arrived last weekend completely threw off my entire week. Monday my husband and I did nothing but dig us out plus a couple of neighbors. Tuesday my body was battered and exhausted from all that digging. Wednesday I tried to get back on track but was still recouping. Yesterday I finally got some graphics made and an email campaign sent for the two amazing ladies I do work for and now here it is already Friday. Sometimes weeks do not go how you had planned them, like canceling our trip to Nebraska, but there is always something good that comes from it.

This week I realized how I needed to make a few changes. I decided at the beginning of the year that I needed to step away from the website and content that I had been holding onto for many many years and wipe the slate clean. When creating this new website all I could focus on was how I was transitioning my photography and I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to look. My website reflected that uncertainty. It became clear to me as I was resting my body that the site needed to reflect all of me and the words just came pouring out. Inspiration has become my focus.

Inspiration fuels all that I do and I’m focused on exploring that to the fullest. It motivates my art, decorating my home, how I care for my family, and inspires new curiosities. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t share how they all work together in my soul and life. This space will now be where I can share all of what inspires me and I hope to give you inspiration too! That will include photography, graphic design, flowers, gardening, family, home, homeschooling, faith and wellness. My heart is to share printables you can use, inspire you to explore inspiration, and provide beautiful products in The Shop.

I want you to feel where my heart is right now. Yes this site is about me because I’m the author of it but my heart is to inspire you in many ways and for us all to explore inspiration when it presents itself. There are many times when I squash it when I feel something starting to inspire me because someone is telling me I shouldn’t or it’s not how it should be done. God didn’t create me to listen to what others think I should do, God created me to listen to how He made me. He made me to be inspired by flowers and inspired in how I can care for our home and family. He gave me a heart to share that with others. He had to work on that heart to get it in the right place but I think I’m getting there.

Life is a journey. It twists and turns. It’s good though friends and knowing others are there with me is uplifting.



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