Blooming Paperwhite Bulb

December 21, 2022

As a creative, you must experiment! I have wanted to photograph a bulb plant blooming completely out of the ground for a long time. Last Christmas (2021) I had a gorgeous display of paperwhites. With the holiday I didn’t think of trying this until my paperwhites were very tall and lanky and they didn’t have much time left. Now I admit, these are not exactly what I wanted. The plant is too tall and I wasn’t sure about the background. If I had done this maybe a couple weeks earlier it would have been better but I would have had to tear apart my paper white display before Christmas. However, it was a good start! I really like seeing the entire plant growing out of the bulb with the roots, just not quite so tall. I’d like to play with a more dark wood rustic background next time, with maybe some dirt rubbed in or off to the side with a little garden shovel. Maybe I’ll get brave this coming spring and dig up some of the little tulips I planted or a daffodil and try this again.



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