Soft Pink Ruffled Tulip Floral Portrait by Castle Pines Photographer Brenda Landrum

April Notes

April 2, 2021

Yeah for April! I’m hoping for more rain showers than snow showers. It won’t stop snowing here. My husband says he hasn’t shoveled or used the snow blower as much as he has since moving to the Palmer Divide. It snows a lot down here and the neighbors tell us last year they had way more snow. Guess we’ll have to get those snow sticks after all!

Flower Portraits (I like that) is back and I’m loving every single second of it! I think I forgot how much joy this activity brings me. I knew that I loved it and I wanted to get back to it but friends, it makes me so incredibly happy that it is hard to really express that through text on your screen. To see a flower in all its created beauty and explore all the different sides and views that results in what I think to be beautiful photos is what I think I was created to do. My husband found a pretty amazing floral shop very close to us that includes some really unique blooms like freesia and fringed tulips in their bouquets, something I’ve never seen in other floral shop arrangements. Funny thing is that we can’t actually find this shop. We have only called in orders to be delivered, I’m not sure they have a shop that you can walk into. Makes us feel like we found a hidden gem. I really need to reach out to them to ask some questions!

I knew that when I decided to change directions with my work that it was going to be a journey. I knew that I would be shifting and changing as things evolved and it did for me in March. I have a heart for sharing and that includes more than just photography. Inspiration truly does drive me in all things that I do like photography but also in decorating my home, gardening, how I care for my family and ect. That inspiration spills out into wanting to share, it’s something that I can’t help. It’s not for my own glory but out of a heart for inspiring others. So I made some changes to the website to reflect more of what I am about instead of just photography. If you haven’t looked around I would love for you to explore a bit!

Shop update … I was not able to get it finished in March. I had to leave my old shop behind because I switched hosting companies so I am starting from scratch in building a new shop space. It’s taking me a bit longer then I would like but it’s ok and honestly I need to stop trying to make it perfect and remember that progress is better then perfection. Not that anyone is banging the door down to buy prints from me … LOL … but I hope that someone will find joy in my work someday.



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