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3 Things to do to Combat Overwhelm

April 14, 2021

“A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” – Lysa TerKeurst⁠⁠
I’m in a moment of overwhelm currently as there are many things going on. I tend to want to shut down and hide when I feel this way but I can’t just stop or the lists and requests just get longer so here are a couple things I do to help with that overwhelm feeling.⁠⁠
Journal … get it all out of my head. I like to type instead of handwrite for this so I can get it out as fast as it’s all swimming around in my head. When I have a million thoughts I can not focus so step one is to transfer to my screen. I really love using the Day One app on my iPad to journal.
Make a List … take all the things from my journal entry and start making a list of the things to do. I make categories for the different tasks. My home tasks and all my different work tasks get separated out and somewhat prioritized.⁠⁠
Choose 3 Tasks for Today … Then from that list I choose 3 of them that I want to absolutely get done today. These are the top priority! When I can cross off even just 3 tasks that feels so good. Then the next day I choose 3 more tasks. If I can get more done that’s great but choosing 3 keeps the overwhelm of a long list to a more manageable level.⁠⁠
If you are feeling overwhelmed I hope this gives you some things to try!



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